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PUBLISHED 18 NOV 2015   

Property Matters:  The Professional Alternative


Thinkers from the time of the Greek Philosopher Socrates (±350 BC) to our present day, have believed that the unexamined life is really not worth living, meaning, that in order to make sense of our life’s experiences, we need to reflect, assess, judge and evaluate constantly.


The challenge in these times is to lead an examined life in an un-examining age where the pace and pressure of activity of any kind can easily crowd out time for reflection. This is also true of the Property Market, where the complex relations between the role players often result in conflicts of interest that demand adjustment and timely change.

For any professional agency (such as Arlon Properties) to be helpful in this, it has to consider the following: -

Compulsory Membership  of institutions such as the EAAB (Estate Agencies Affairs Board called into being by the Estate Agencies Affairs Act 112/1976) is required, as well as the awareness of the workings of bodies such as the South African Property Owners Association.  The EAAB wants strict compliance to its rules in the interests of competent and ethical conduct of Property affairs.


Legislation relating  to Property transactions to be studied and adhered to, since they form and regulate the conduct of various role players and decisions which need to be taken in settling disputes.


Professional Training  for agents (Sales and Rentals) is required by the EAAB as a way of ensuring the competence and integrity of the Property Professionals as well as the determining the unimpaired reputation of the Trade as a whole.  This training is conducted by accredited training facilitators under the guidance of the EAAB according to graded National Qualifications Frameworks set for learners, active agents and Principals alike, with training guidelines set by the Institute of Estate Agents. 


Effective Administration  of the various facets of property sales and rentals by Arlon Properties confirms the trust placed in the agency in handling the affairs of all the parties involved in property transactions and in doing so, avoiding the conflict inherent in any misunderstanding or malpractice.  Examples in place now:

  • Payprop: - an IT system supporting payments to owners (payments received, payments to contractors, Body Corporates and Local Authorities) The Payprop System ensures that any deposits paid by tenants are paid into an interest bearing trust account, which means that tenants deposit is in safe hands.  PayProp was launched in 2004 and has quickly grown to become the largest processor of rental payments for the property management industry. PayProp is the only rental management solution endorsed by the Institute of Estate Agents and sets the standard for speed and accuracy of payments, cost and payment status transparency, complete transactional control, and regulatory compliance.
  • TPN: - an IT system, promoting the payment schedule of  tenants as well as reporting on defaults and rental trends and interest accumulation (working with Payprop)
  • Red Rabbit: - another system monitoring and informing owners/lessors, tenants, contractors and involved parties in all aspects of property repairs and maintenance.


Great Flexibility and resilience is demanded of any agency worth their salt if the most important aspects of the above are to be stressed in their daily dealings with owners and tenants.  Nowhere is this more obvious than integration of key aspects in the major communication in Arlon documents, sales agreements and rental agreements, both of which are constantly updated to meet the demands of significant changes in legislation, financial limitations and the desire to keep all informed.


An example of this is the inclusion in all Arlon rental agreements of copies of the Conduct Rules of the particular security complex, an information document advising tenants about safety and security in the rental, as well as information concerning the connection of utilities (water/electricity).


Make contact with the Arlon Properties team in Hatfield regarding the sale or rental of Sectional Title units in and around the University of Pretoria Hatfield Campus ,for student accommodation within walking distance to the University of Pretoria.


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