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Arlon Properties – The Professional Option for student accommodation in Hatfield / Hillcrest / Lynnwood/ Groenkloof flats to rent or for sale around the University of Pretoria


Some time has passed since Arlon Properties identified a dire need for student accommodation outside of hostel housing around the University of Pretoria, and all its efforts since then have been aimed at either purchasing or gaining managed control of substantial numbers of affordable sectional title units in security complexes near the Pretoria University Campus.  Despite assurances by the Department of Higher Education Minister about substantial funding, the backlog of student accommodation is a continued concern. 


The Arlon Alternative:  Despite ongoing competition from Developers and other agencies, Arlon  

Continues efforts to secure rental properties that offer security, comfort and affordability without sacrificing ease of access to the University of Pretoria or stores/shops/amenities.


Choice Influences In making the right choice, one needs to take note of the following:

Transport – availability or need for own or public transport.

Proximity to campus - Walking distance may still be the best, despite own transport, because outside parking near campus is a problem.

Affordability – balance what you can afford with the age/condition of the unit as well as size and the number of people that you want to accommodate.

Security and safety – investigate or get information about the security arrangements in each complex, as well as parking for tenants and visitors.


What Arlon has on offer: Depending on individual need, a range of accommodations are available, from bachelor units, on and two bedroom units as well as a limited number of three bedroom units.  Rentals vary between approximately R4700 pm for bachelor units, to R5750 pm for 1 bedroom and R7900 for 2 bedroom units (subject to change and availability)


Common features of Rentals:

  1. Most are clustered in the immediate vicinity of the University of Pretoria, though there is a trend toward moving away from the main campus, especially among second and third year students who feel the need for privacy and less stressful surroundings, in which case similar housing is available in suburbs further away, though in quick reach by transport.  There is also accommodation available in the immediate vicinity of the Groenkloof Campus.
  2. Secure parking in some form is provided whether it is open, undercover or lock up and is designated by agreement between owners of units and the Body Corporate of each complex.
  3. All rentals are situated in security complexes with safety and security measures provided by Body Corporates.  Most units are fitted with burglar bars where needed and most are fitted with outside door security gates.
  4. All rental units require lessees to connect and pay for utilities (electricity and sometimes water) to local authorities and or service providers (confirmed in lease agreement) based on readings on pre-paid meters/smart meters or meters situated near the complex/bulding. 




Securing a Lease and Avoiding Scams

Prospective tenants are warned to beware of so-called “phantom” landlords who entice their victims through bogus websites or print media to accept a lease, without once having seen or visited the agency or its representative and on the basis of a bogus lease agreement (or a suspect one) pay a large deposit which they may never see again. If you wish to secure a lease based on the features explained before, simply take the following steps:

  1. Positively identify the agent or agency by contacting and visiting our offices personally to discuss the alternatives available for rent.
  2. Make a point of viewing the unit by arrangement with the office agents as no lease will be concluded without a confirmed viewing.
  3. Once a decision has been made, return to or contact the office once more to obtain details for qualifying for the lease and the eventual drawing up of the lease agreements


Following these simple guidelines will ensure the removal of all uncertainty and safeguard you against financial and legal embarrassment.


Make contact with the Arlon Properties team in Hatfield regarding the sale or rental of Sectional Title units in and around the University of Pretoria Hatfield Campus for student accommodation within walking distance to the University of Pretoria.


Arlon Properties

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